Free items (freebies) were one of the first services that NCI offered to new players. The free items can be seen in this picture (taken on April 24, 2005) when Brace Coral founded NCI at Kuula:

The networked freebie vendor system is owned and operated by NCI/New Citizens Incorporated. Primary Freebie dispensing vendors can be found at all NCI Campus and also at most NCI InfoNodes. This system may also be in use at Linden locations as the request of Linden Lab's community team. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please contact the NCI Freebie Director (see Jobs) via IM. Comments left with Linden Lab personnel may or may not get to us.

Anyone can submit items as NCI Freebies. If you are a creator who would like to submit an item(s), please contact us. The following are the main criteria that apply:

What are the criteria for submitting a new item?

If you wish to add an item to the NCI freebie collection please follow the following guidelines:

NCI Freebie Donation Guidelines

Please read the Freebie Box Style Guide for suggestions to assist you in packing the new Freebie

The Freebie Box Style Guide

We are trying hard to make sure that all of the items in our system are genuine freebies that are intended to be distributed. However, it is possible there is stuff in the system that should not be. If so, we want to get rid of it! If you are a creator and see an item of yours in this vendor that was not intended as a freebie, contact NCI and we will remove it immediately, and IM back to confirm removal.

If there is an item in FreebieNode system that you are not listed as the creator of, but has been ripped or otherwise stolen from you, contact us anyway. It should be fairly easy to demonstrate that you are the creator. We are committed to making sure that all content are legitamate –not playing legalistic games with creators.

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