NCI Land Officer, Instructor, Event Host & Helper Guidelines

Effective 25 November, 2009

This document Replaces and Supersedes all Prior Such Documents

Welcome to NCI / New Citizens Incorporated is your portal to Second Life . We are a large volunteer group of Second Life residents. NCI is entirely resident-run and financed and is unaffiliated with Linden Lab.

NCI's rules are fairly straightforward, but how to interpret and apply those rules is not always so simple.

Everything you do as an NCI volunteer should reflect our fundamental principles. The rules we have only really exist as clarifications for specific situations where it has been practically demonstrated that rules/guidelines are required. Not a single item here is trivial or arbitrary, and we regret the need to add anything to this list.

We are inclusive of cultures, political groups, subcultures and religions (except where they may fall under hate-speech in the community standards). We do not permit the disparagement or insults directed at any group, expressed or implied at any time. Jews, Christians, Furries, Goreans, flat-earthers, gays, BDSM, child avatars, and Jack Thomson. They are all welcome, but see also below.

We do not permit advertising, selling, soliciting, preaching, recruiting, spamming or panhandling. Please note that civil discussions between people about religion, politics, someone's business, etc. does not count as solicitation.

We do not permit the practice of lifestyles that are not PG in our PG locations. If you are a lesbian BDSMer, we welcome you, however, do not lead your inadequately dressed slave around the property. We're generally a role-play free zone. We're expecting people to be themselves. That doesn't mean we don't like role-players either, but it can be difficult to converse with someone who won't come out-of-character.

Third Parties
We do not discuss matters of rule/infraction with third parties. Everyone is responsible for themselves. While we welcome the dom/sub community, slaves are responsible solely for themselves, their dress and behavior while on NCI property. We will not discuss the issue with a slave's master.

We do not allow the use of weapons or things that appear to be weapons. Please note that this rule does not prohibit wearing weapons as part of an avatar. However, if a gun is in hand, assume that the person will use it and react accordingly. This applies to invisible guns–but please warn people first. They very well may have forgotten the weapon was in hand. It's easy to do. People may carry a swords in hand, but if they threaten any one–or brandish them in a threatening manner, warn, then eject, then ban.

Ponzi Scheme
Abuse-report all Ponzi (magic money, et al) schemes, and issue a full ban until you have assurances from the perpetrator that it will not happen again. You are not _obligated_ to contact them. Issue the ban, file an abuse report, and return the objects.

At NCI locations, please ensure that people don't dress in a “mature” manner. Nudity is not acceptable. Sexy is okay; we are not the clothes police! However–people need to keep the naughty bits well covered. Please note that male avatars don't have to keep their nipples covered. Don't blame us; Linden Lab has chosen to base its PG/Mature distinction on American custom. As an example: A bikini (even a small one) is okay. A thong and/or pasties are not. Gorean-style silks are okay; transparent silks are not. A hint of nipple on a shirt, is okay; a see-through shirt is not. If someone can see up your skirt without using the camera, wear underwear. If you have prim genitals, detach them even if they are invisible.

Don't Be A Jerk
Some people choose to cause as much disruption as they can without actually breaking a rule. That's what our “Don't be a Jerk rule” is for. If, in your judgment, they are being excessively disruptive, then that's not good for the people we are trying to help. Give them a time out.

Our three watchwords are respect, courtesy and civility to our guests, and to each other.

Remember the magic words in life: words like “Please”, “Thank You”, “Would you…”, “ would appreciate…”, etc. Remember that in Second Life, we do not have the tonal and body language cues that we depend on in real life communications. It is much easier for text chat to be misunderstood.

Never make fun of, laugh at, harass, or otherwise be unkind to new residents at NCI (No, it isn't okay to mock griefers either). That type of behavior from a Helper, Instructor, Event Host, or Land Officer is completely counter to what NCI stands for. This is something that we will suspend for. It does not matter whether you have a Helper, Instructor, Event Host, or Land Officer tag active or not.

Wearing the Tag
Everyone has times when they are not in a helpful mood. Maybe you just want to talk to your friends at NCI. Or maybe you are just freaking sick of newbies that night. Cool. It happens. But–if you are feeling that way, take off your NCI tag. Wearing that tag at NCI indicates you are ready and willing to help. If you aren't, take it off.

Even if you are not wearing the NCI tag, if you are at NCI, be polite and respectful of everyone. If you don't feel like helping just say, “I'm busy now, can you ask _ for help?” Finally, no matter what tag you are wearing follow NCI's rules when at NCI.

If you're a new Helper or Land Officer, please see Beverly Montgomery if you've got questions, or ask a Senior Land Officer, if Beverly is not available. If you are a new Instructor, contact the NCI Education Coordinator with any questions. If you are a new Event Host, contact the NCI Events Coordinator with any questions.

For personality conflict issues involving other Helpers, Instructors, or Event Hosts, Land Officers, try to work it out with the other person first. If you can't, contact the Senior Land Officer (see list below) for the area where the problem occurred. Contact NCI's Education Coordinator for all issues related to Education, or Events Coordinator for all issues related to Events. If you can't get hold of them and it is an emergency contact one of the senior staff.

Making New Helpers
The creation of new NCI Helpers is restricted to Helper Manager and Owners role of the main NCI group. Also–any person that you make a NCI Helper has go to Beverly Montgomery for Orientation & Training. This is an absolute must!

We have lots of people coming through that can't speak English. Though English is the primary language of NCI, we should still work to help non-English speakers. NCI Helpers, Instructors, Event Hosts, and Land Officers should own and learn to use on of the various free translator HUD available in Second Life. (Metanomics Translator is a good free choice.) Please note that the inability someone to speak English does not mean that you have to let them drag a class or event to a standstill.

Each NCI Campus has an Area Coordinator in charge of maintaining the area. If there is a problem with an Officer or Helper, contact the Senior Land Officer for the campus where the problem occurred. The Area Coordinators are:

Kuula - Emilylo Mayako and Elise Blossom

NCIsland - Mouserly2 Resident

South – Wellington Beam

Infonodes – Imnotgoing Sideways

Janet Rossini

Escalating Disciplinary Actions
Unless it is an emergency situation, please warn before ejecting, and eject before banning. We want to reserve bans for people who are genuine griefers/assholes, and avoid hitting people who just don't understand the rules or have a language issue.

Avoid stating in your warnings, the potential consequence of being banned. Simply explain the rules, ask the person to comply with the rules, then if non-compliance continues take action as necessary. Requests of the form of “Stop that or I will ban you!” are often seen as patronizing, and can actually escalate the situation. They can also be construed as threatening, resulting in bogus ARs, as well.

Use of Security system
Use the NCI security system rather than parcel bans if at all possible. We understand that sometimes there are problems with the system. (If there are, please contact Janet Rossini). If, for whatever reason you need to use a parcel ban, make sure a ban is also entered into the security with the explanation, or have another land officer do so on your behalf. Parcel Bans that are not recorded in the security system may be freely removed by the Security Coordinator or senior staff where appropriate.

Reasons for Bans
Always enter a reason for a ban in the security system. Bans entered without a corresponding reason may not work.

Removing Bans
Normally, only the authorizing party can undo or authorize the undoing of a ban, without a decision from the Senior Land Officers. If you are entering a ban or unban on behalf of someone else, please cite their name, as they are the authorizing party.

Bans for Actions Outside of NCI. Never ban someone for something they have done outside NCI land or chat channels. We are not the Grid Police.

Freeze is not a toy. Use it when you have to stop someone taking action against others, so that you have a few moments to change parcel settings or use the security system. It isn't for jokes or kidding around. It makes us look capricious.

Abusive People
If someone is abusive or insulting when challenged on a matter of rules, go ahead and ban them. Life is too short to argue with unreasonable people.

Banning Land Officers
Never, ever ban or eject another member of NCI Staff or Land Holdings for any reason. If a staff member is acting in a way that would justify a ban, contact the Senior Land Officer for the campus that they are misbehaving on. If an Instructor or Event host is acting in a way that would justify a ban, contact the Education Coordinator or the Events Coordinator as appropriate. If the first line contact is not online, contact another Senior Land Officer

Senior Land Officers, the Education Coordinator, and the Events Coordinator are empowered to issue a temporary ban of no more than forty-eight hours to staff members that act in a manner warranting a ban for behavior happening in their respective areas. Such bans shall be reviewed by the Senior Land officers during that time.

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