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select “Instructor” “Please Select Instructor|Afon Shepherd|Andre Kestrel|Any1 Gynoid|Beverly Montgomery|Imnotgoing Sideways|Itoibo Resident|Juliet Moonshadow|Kaijah Chrome|Kitty Tully|Krystal Devonshire|Mezzo Silverweb|Pajobra Zessinthal|Rowan Carroll|Varian Altney|Wellington Beam|Wyn Nitely|Not Listed”

select “Class Name:” “Please Select Class/Event|Animations: GESTURES|Adjusting Shape and Clothing|Building: BASICS|Building: POWER TOOLS|Building: ONE PRIM WONDER|Building: FLEXI AND LIGHT|Building: FIRST COTTAGE|Creating a Personalized AO|Event: BEACH PARTY AND Q and A|Event: BLITZ AVATAR MAKEOVER|Event: 'NEWBIE' BLITZ BUILD|Event: GENERAL BLITZ BUILD|Event: SALSA|Event: 'NEWBIE' SHOW AND TELL|Event: Q and A|Event: 'OLDBIE' BLITZ BUILD|Event: 'OLDBIE' SHOW AND TELL|Event: TGIF PARTY|Event: NEWBIE TRIVIA Q AND A|Finding Freebies|Making Sense of your Inventory|Photography for fun and profit|Profile Party|Scripting 101|Scripting 102|Sculpties: BASICS AND ROKURO|Sculpties: TOKOROTEN|Sculpties: Wings 3D|SL Skills: ADVANCED RP|SL Skills: ART OF ROLE-PLAY|SL Skills: AVATAR MAKEOVER|SL Skills: CONSUMER SKILLS|SL Skills: EVENT ORGANIZING|SL Skills: EVENT PARTICIPATION|SL Skills: DEALING WITH GREIFERS|SL Skills: GROUPS MANAGEMENT|SL Skills: INTRO TO SL|SL Skills: MAKING MONEY|SL Skills: PHOTOGRAPHY & JOURNALISM|SL Skills: STARTING A BUSINESS|SL Skills: SEARCH+MAPS+INVENTORY|Using SL Clothing and Outfits|Class/Event not listed”

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