A standard size 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 meter cube (the default rezzed prim)

256 x 256 Set to “Full Bright” No more than two textures per box

Image of contents Creator Name and/or Company Logo Brief Description of Contents The word “FREE” Use “Ariel Black” font Font Colors appropriate to background Short blurbs, warnings, etc., as appropriate (Note: The box graphics will also become the freebie graphics in the NCI InfoNodes when that project is done.)

Box should contain: - Freebie(s) - Instruction or creator notecards (if applicable) - Creator Landmarks (if applicable)

When possible (i.e., not requested otherwise by freebie donor/creator) box should be named in the format of “Freebie Name” in Name field and “Freebie by Creator Name” in Description field

Boxes should be Copy/Modify/Transfer & “Allow Anyone to Copy” Unless other arrangement with creator/donor for more restrictive perms has been made

All scripts handed out as freebies should be set to “not running” or be commented out.

Weapons & Explicit Content:
No NCI freebie box should contain weapons or sexually oriented content.

Free textures should be confirmed as free with the creators wherever possible. Due to requirements of SL permissions system almost all commerical textures are sold with full permissions. So we have to be careful here. There is no need to go back and confirm existing textures in the freebie section.

When you place a new freebie, please send me a copy (boxed) for us to archive, so we are not dependent on just one person's inventory.

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