New Citizens Inc. Our main group for all members is New Citizens Inc.. This is the first NCI group, first set up in 2005 and is now used for community chat and both new and experienced members asking each other for help. Access to this group is by invitation from one of our staff (link to staff) or by the invitation board which can be found at NCIsland. Notices for our classes will be sent to this group.New Citizens Inc.

NCI Help The NCI Help group was established as a starter group for NCI with ease of access prioritised and chat focused specifically on those wanting help when they are new to Second Life. Open Enrollment is enabled so anybody can join. Chat should be focused on new resident’s questions and answers. Notices for our classes will also be sent via this group. NCI Help

NCI Scripting This group is specifically for those seeking help with scripting

NCI Staff A group for NCI staff members to discuss issues affecting the group.

NCI Land Holdings This group is used to manage and support NCI’s land. Members are either staff or tier donors. For information on becoming a tier donor go here: How do I donate tier to NCI?

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