NCI Guidelines and Standards

Effective 27 November, 2018

This document Replaces and Supersedes all Prior Such Documents

NCI's main purpose is to support new residents of Second Life. “We help, we serve, we provide, we protect.”

NCI is a warm and welcoming place for new citizens and seasoned users alike. It is a place to learn, teach, and have fun. We welcome all residents as long as their behavior conforms to these Standards. If that’s not something you can agree to, we respectfully request that you visit other areas of Second Life instead.

We’d much prefer that you stay, so please adhere to these Standards while you’re with us. Thanks!

In these standards, and in person, we try to be clear, yet polite. We’ll use the word “please” as a matter of courtesy. These are the standards of behavior in NCI and not just suggestions to be followed or not at you will.

You are responsible for understanding these standards, and for behaving within the boundaries at all times. If you have questions or concerns, ask a Land Officer, or on the NCI Help Group.

If you have concerns or questions, feel you have been treated unfairly, take it up privately with the NCI Region Coordinator or a Senior Land Officer.

You can find a list of the NCI Staff here: https://tinyurl.com/y5kkk32j

NCI's purpose is to help the citizens of Second Life, both old and new. Our guidelines request that all people who come to our locations be treated with respect and kindness, no matter how much they get on our nerves. Please allow the staff to take care of the big problems and as our regulars try to help the people causing problems to find a different way to do things. We know it is hard, but if you are not feeling up to the task at the moment, call an LO or just give yourself a little time elsewhere to change your perspective.

Janet posted this great article in the forum. We are adding it here as most of us LO's have found it very helpful. Please give it a read as it talks about language and how it is used and perceived. Let's make sure that none of this is happening in NCI. The link is below


To reiterate, please don't do anything that will interfere with someone enjoying their time here, or getting the help they need.

Abuse, arguing, drama, and unpleasantness of any kind do not belong here. So never abuse or make fun of anyone in chat or IM.

We are here to help people even if they are different from ourselves.

We want to be a place where people are fundamentally kind, and use good judgment in support of our mission, to help with this understanding, we do have some specific rules:

You may wear weapons as part of an outfit, but you may not use offensive or defensive weapons of any kind on NCI land. This includes waving them around in a threatening manner.

You may not have a gun attached to your hand, even invisible.

While it is okay to build guns here, you must test them elsewhere.

Please do not use pushers, spell-casters, active shields, cagers, combat HUDs, or anything of the kind on NCI land.

Linden Labs defines G rated as follows, A region designated General is not allowed to advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity.

Guide to Linden Labs Maturity Levels: https://tinyurl.com/y2jmet4v

Linden Labs General Maturity Rating

A region designated General is not allowed to advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity. Sexually-oriented objects such as “sex beds” or poseballs may not be located or sold in General regions.

General regions are areas where you should feel free to say and do things that you would be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother or a grade school class. Institutions such as universities, conference organizers, and real world businesses may wish to designate their regions as General. Likewise their users (and others) may wish to employ Second Life's General search setting to focus and filter search results appropriately.

Some landowners and Residents desire a Second Life experience distinct from the activity that occurs in Moderate and Adult regions. Region owners who wish to host this sort of Second Life experience can (but need not) designate their regions as General.

If you are a region owner and you feel there is some ambiguity as to whether your content and activities are allowed in General regions, it's probably best to designate your region as Moderate.

Sexy is OK, but dress in a G-rated fashion always, in any NCI area. Your outfit must cover all private parts of your avatar(the naughty bits). If your avatar depicts nudity by wearing sheer clothing, nipple tape, pasties, long hair with no top, thongs or G-strings then wear something else.

Remove your adult items, including any invisible part of your genitalia. If you have a question about your outfit, consider being a bit more modest in your choice or ask the LO for their thoughts.

NCI is about learning and teaching. Disrupting events will not be tolerated. Officers and instructors will take whatever steps they feel are necessary to keep events orderly and productive.

We require kind, polite behavior and language at all times. Please avoid any drama, arguing, or conversation that might make people uncomfortable. Our mission is to keep people comfortable, not to toughen them up. Flirting is cute. Bad words or sexual innuendo, not good.

You may not set out items for sale, nor offer them in chat or instant messages. The same goes for the following: • gambling machines or any other commercial items. • do not advertise for any club or venue. • do not send out “Bite Requests” or the equivalent for any role-playing games.

Don’t ask people to give you money or loan you money. If you’re low on cash, check out our extensive Freebies area.

You may rent advertisements on our AdNode system. Funds from that support NCI activities, so it’s a good way to get some benefit and give back as well. Click a vacant board for information.

NCI is an all-inclusive, welcoming community. There is no room for profanity, intolerance, crude and/or unwelcome sexual advances, repetitive playing of annoying sound clips, and rezzing junk prims all over the place.

Keep open conversation G-rated, very clean and pleasant. Generally stay away from difficult topics like religion, sex, or politics. If a conversation is getting inflammatory, please drop it.

If asked by an officer to drop a subject, please drop it. We're not trying to suppress freedom of speech. However, in our experience, certain topics are so If you are wondering if some word is OK, we’d prefer you not use it.

NCI is first and foremost a help area. You are welcome here in support of that focus. If your mood is off one day, perhaps doing something elsewhere will help change it.

Remember that you are our guest. However, time spent here does not give you special rights or privileges. If you cannot follow and respect our rules, please find somewhere else to go.

Enjoy NCI!! Be cool to each other…

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