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Main Focus:

NCI is a voluntary association, dedicated to providing information, education and assistance to Second Life users (new and old), in order to maximize the benefits that they can gain from Second Life. NCI believes that new users who are better educated, supported and prepared benefit all of Second Life. NCI does not operate for profit and is not motivated by any desire for monetary gain.

NCI recognizes that Second Life users are individual human beings, worthy of care, civility, respect and courtesy, with their own lives, their own circumstances and their own problems and situations, which may not be fully apparent.

NCI neither makes nor encourages discrimination as to age, gender, nationality, race, culture, hobbies, religious beliefs, sexual-orientation, ability, disability, class, creed or political opinions of a person, or of a person's family, friends or associates. NCI holds each person responsible for themselves and their own actions only.

NCI does not take part or take sides in protests or in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature. NCI provides aid and education, not protest, mockery, censure or condemnation.

NCI is a voluntary association, not prompted in any manner by the desire for gain.

Safety and Security
NCI works to educate and inform and to protect new Second Life users from exploitation, disruption and confusion. NCI enforces its rules impartially, promptly, and with the maximum possible courtesy under the circumstances. NCI avoids acting arbitrarily, but recognizes that the world is a complex place, and not every situation can be foreseen.

NCI is a user-support group in the Second Life® virtual environment, with more than 100 volunteer staff and over 10,000 active members.

Brace Coral founded NCI in 2005, primarily for new residents, but open to all, NCI offers in-person advice from our team of NCI Helpers and NCI Land Officers classes, contests and social events, interactive tutorials, freebies, help notecards and landmarks, sandboxes for building, a new users mall, Ginny Gremlin park, games, and newsstands with free in-world publications and links to Web resources.

NCI offers a schedule of classes and events at our campuses. Please click here for the NCI schedule of classes and events.

NCI runs multiple Second Life campuses: NCI Kuula (the original and largest NCI location), NCI South (at Hamnida, directly adjacent to the South Welcome Area), NCI Beach (by the sea in the Class 5 Fishermans Cove sim) and NCIsland (Whole region orientation and help area). NCI also manages numerous NCI InfoNodes, located near or adjacent to Linden InfoHubs (or other areas popular with new residents). InfoNodes serve as “mini-NCIs” with information, freebies, landmarks, maps, and schedules, providing information to new users where they first rez, when they first rez.

NCI classes, events, and resources are free and open to all.

NCI is entirely user-run and financed and is unaffiliated with Linden Lab. Land and tier for NCI’s four campuses has been purchased by NCI or donated by NCI members and supporters. NCI is not-for-profit and is funded via through individual donations, sponsored advertising, and by RL and in-world partners that we conduct NCI-branded classes and events for.

* New Citizens Inc. - Open enrollment [See also: Group IM rules]
* NCI Scripters - Scripting questions and assistance; Open enrollment
* NCI Land Holdings - Land management group; by invitation only.
* NCI Staff - NCI staff; by invitation only.

Wellington Beam
current Owner/Trustee. Please contact him about any issues concerning the NCI groups.

Brace Coral
is the Founder of NCI.

Carl Metropolitan
was Executive director for a period of 4 years after Brace's retirement. NCI has matured much under his leadership. Carl stepped down in September 2009.

Gramma Fiddlesticks
succeeded Carl Metropolitan as the Interim Chairman of the Board of Directors for New Citizens Incorporated.

Tateru Nino
formerly served as Owner/Trustee.

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