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NCI Freebie Donation Guidelines

NCI has over 600 freebies that are available to new and old players alike. If you wish to add an item to the NCI freebie collection please follow the following guidelines:

  • Make a texture. This will be used to display the item on the Freebie Vendor
  • Use a LARGE Clear font for the text
  • Keep text to a minimum
  • The texture needs to be set to full permissions (copy, modify and transfer)
  • Generate a NO-MODIFY notecard (see below for an example)
  • State the reason why you believe that you can distribute the item
  • State that NCI has your permission to give the items to others
  • Specify how the item's permissions should be changed before distribution
  • Set the permissions on the items such that NCI can distribute it, full permission is preferred
  • The minimum requirement is copy and transfer, otherwise the items cannot be distributed
  • We will change the permissions as specified before distribution
  • The original items will be kept in a safe location and will never be distributed
  • Box up the items, the texture, and the notecard and send the box to Krystal Devonshire

Example of a Permissions Notecard

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