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Submitting an Item for Distribution

Not every item can be distributed on the Freebie network. Please make sure that the item conforms to the following guidelines. Note that these guidelines are not all-inclusive and others may apply under special circumstances.

  • The items(s) or process do not violate the SL Terms of Service or Community Standards.
  • You have the legal right to give out copies (e.g. it was made by you or someone has given you explicit permission to share it)
  • It is non-commercial (note that landmarks to a business can be included in the box). Demos or distribution of items under special licensing is not permissive
  • The item is not “Adult” in nature,
  • The item cannot be easily used for griefing
  • The items have the correct permissions set
  • All items must be at least Copy-Transfer permissions
  • The permissions can be changed by us before distribution if so specified (* see note below )
  • Items cannot be distrusted under a special license and must be made freely available to all avatars; new and old.

We have a limited capability to distribute “no transfer” items, but for us to do so, you will have to trust NCI with at least one transfer-enabled copy. This is dictated to us by the architecture of the vendor system, and the constraints of LSL and SL permissions. It is not something we can change.

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