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Viewer 2 & Resident Help Network Updates

This set of pages is for tracking the changes we need to make to update NCI for Viewer 2, and to ensure that everything is up to date and correct as of March/April 2010 so we're nice and shiny for the Residents Help Network.

It's being done in the Wiki Sandbox so that every member of NCI staff can easily contribute. Please try to stick to the organisational structure I've provided, so that everyone can find everything easily.

This does look like a Herculean task, but that's why it's all split up into little bits. Each person takes on one little bit, and it gets much easier. Just check with Wyn or Feldspar to get assigned a class or an event, or pick a campus or an infonode and ask that campus/node's officer to assign you a task. Follow the links in this wiki until you get to that task.

That's your page (possibly shared with someone else), so just focus on getting that one page done. Bev, Feldspar, Garn, Wellington, Wyn and I are handling the overview.

I've split NCI into Signboards, Campus Tasks, Infonode Tasks, Classes, Events, Website & Other.


These are all our signs, displays, news and magazine outlets, landmark givers, and all other informational stuff we have up. Everything needs to be checked for accuracy and checked that it's up to date, and the corrected version made available to the land officers for each campus, and the infonode team.


Campus Tasks

There's a strong overlap with Signboards: each campus team needs to check that they have the most current signs, and track which signboards need to be updated. Also, check what else might need updating for your campus.

Campus Tasks

Infonode Tasks

Also a strong overlap with Signboards. Make sure each infonode has the most current signs, and check what else might need to be updated.

Infonode Tasks


Every class needs to be updated, most urgently to make sure it's current and valid to SL as at early 2010, but also to ensure that the class can be taught both to people using Viewer 1.23 and people using Viewer 2.

This means the slides, the class narrative, the class supplies, any examples, and any handouts, all need to be correct.



Most events don't actually have anything that will need to be updated, but they all must check. Avatar makeovers, for instance, have all the new avatar kit to include. Question & Answer has giveaways…



Historic things (eg old blog entries that aren't tutorials) can be left unchanged. Pretty much everything else needs to be checked for updates.

sandbox: website


What have I forgotten?

sandbox: other

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