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Campus Tasks

This section is for land officers to track the changes that need to made to the campuses. Most likely these changes will simply be replacing out of date signs with up to date ones. If there's anything else, you can list it here.

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This page is for tracking Kuula changes.



This page is for tracking Beach changes.



This page is for tracking Hamnida changes.


Things that need checking at hamnida. Many of these will apply to other areas

Hamnida content updates

'How Do I?' posters

need checking SLINFO cards and tutorials

The Mighty Prim building tutorials made by The Sojourner. We'll have to do ? our own since the creator deceased.

NCI Building classes 'Edit panes'

Texture map tutorials made by LittleToe Bartlett

Non English welcome to second life boards and notes

Things provided by others that may need updating:

Helpkit De Eva Nowicka

Ivory Tower

Design centre landmark giver to intermediate building and texture tutorials ? that will need updating by them.

Landmark giver for Robin Sojourner texture tutorials

particle laboratory landmakr giver

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