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The History Timeline of NCI


Aug 28, 2009
Carl Metropolitan steps down as NCI Executive Director
Tateru Nino retires

Aug 29, 2009
Gramma Fiddlesticks assumes the position of Interim Chair of the NCI Board of Directors

Aug 30, 2009
The new NCI Web Forum is launched

Sept 18, 2009
Opening of NCI Snow Country, located in Hughes
Teleport there:

Sept 20, 2009
NCI vacates the Caledon Oxbridge Village parcel

Nov 2, 2009
Gramma Fiddlesticks steps down
Tateru Nino returns from retirement and takes ownership of NCI


Information to be added



Based on a notecard made and maintained by Carl Metropolitan.

Feb 19 2006
1st New Player Blitz Building (with Lizbeth Marlowe)

May 20 2006
“NCI Land Holdings” group formed
Tateru Nino becomes Deputy Director

May 26 2006
17,500L spent to buy NCI land from Jamie Otis
(Note: 10,000L donation from Mera Pixel)
(Note: 10,000L donation from Brace Coral)

May 26 2006
1L spent to buy Carl Metropolitan's “NCI Park” land (~3500 m2)

May 26 2006
1L spent to buy Carl Metropolitan's “NCI Homeowners Association” land

Jul ? 2006
NCI's Sky Classroom opens

Jul 5 2006
Typical griefer attack at NCI

Jul 7 2006
Grid attack hits NCI

Jul 11 2006
35,000L to Brian Brewster for NCI expansion land
(Note: 15,000L donation from Ginny Gremlin– NCI's largest ever single L$ donation

Jul 15 2006
Zi Ree's “Virtual Stipend Ball” goes live!

Jul 15 2006
“BanLink” active at NCI

Jul 16 2006
New Expansion @ NCI

Jul 16 2006
New Ground Classroom Opens

Jul 30 2006
NCI “Newsstand” opens

Aug 16 2006
NCI hit with griefer attack ejecting all members

Aug 26 2006
NCI adds “Changing Rooms”

Sep 27 2006
NCI Park renamed “Ginny Gremlin Park”\

Oct 25 2006
Osgeld's 1st New Player Show & Tell

Nov 5 2006
NCI - South Opens


Based on a notecard made and maintained by Carl Metropolitan.

Apr 23 2005
Brace Coral founds New Citizens Incorporated

Apr 24 2005
NCI opens in Kuula on the former site of BC Boutique

May 24 2005
Brace Coral hosts first NCI New Player Show & Tell
Osgeld Barmy entry in 1st NCI Show & Tell

Aug 11 2005
Brace's 1L$ Avatars debut at NCI

Aug 14 2005
NCI's First (of many to come) Expansion

Aug 15 2005
NCI's Photo Booth debuts

Sep 6 2005
Carl Metropolitan enters Castle Kuula (across the street) in Show & Tell

Sep 8 2005
Osgeld's Neon Logo

Sep 8 2005
First NCI Newbie Salsa

Oct 1 2005
Tateru Nino starts education track and recruiting site staff in Brace's absence.

Oct 10 2005
Brace steps down as head of NCI

Oct 19 2005
NCI Golem Rez Date

Oct 22 2005
NCI Re organizational Meeting

Nov 4 2005
NCI grows again–sandbox area out to the bay added

Nov 7 2005
New NCI logo debuts

Nov 13 2005
NCI Builders Grid opens

Nov 16 2005
Remodeled NCI Plaza opens

Nov 20 2005
NCI Home Location (aka “NCI Homeowners Association”) opens

Nov 29 2005
1st Euro Show & Tell (with Yumi Murakami)

Dec 8 2005
NCI Park opens

Dec 16 2005
“Mighty Prim” tutorial purchased
(6000L donated for this by Carl Metropolitan)

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