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Senior Land Officer

This position is responsible for a particular NCI location. They are the primary contact for any issues arising or queries, for the location under their control. An SLO is expected to spend a reasonable amount of time at their location and to be familiar with regular visitors.
Board of Directors position


  • Promote a friendly atmosphere
  • Act as a role model for Visitors, Helpers, and other Officers
  • Identify and propose new helpers and land officers
  • Promote good behavior from the Officers and Helpers
  • Identify and implement improvements to their locations after approval received
  • Deal with any conflicts that may arise impartially
  • Act as a role model for Visitors, Helpers, and Officers
  • Promote a friendly atmosphere
  • review and approve any objects, signs or other gadgets being placed in the assigned location
  • maintain the area to keep it neat and orderly
  • Greets newcomers when the enter the land
  • Offers services and help
  • Answers questions both technical and cultural
  • Answers questions regarding services NCI offers
  • Instructs newcomers on the locations and usage of said services (such as the freebie vendor)
  • Acts as a “positive host” to help them integrate into NCI
  • May at their discretion offer impromptu tutorials on various SL subjects (example: basic skills, buiding, intenventory)
  • Deal with any conflicts that may arise in a fair and impartial manner
  • Maintain the area to keep it neat and orderly
  • Assign helper and land officer roles to individuals
  • Remove helpers and land officer roles from individuals
  • Any other duties as required


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Able to deal with folk impartially
  • Strong technical skills (using the client)
  • Good SL cultural knowledge
  • Good to excellent skills in one or more of the various SL domains (scripting, texturing, building, etc)
  • Good time management
  • Able to deal with folk impartially
  • Ability to make correct decisions quickly and act on them.
  • Ability to influence individuals a plus.

Personal attributes

  • Open, welcoming, cheerful disposition
  • Accepting of diversity of interests and tastes
  • Patience a must!
  • Ability to empathise (to see things from another's point of view without prejuidice)
  • Good concentration and attentiveness
  • Willingness to put NCI's mission above personal involvements


  • Invite to group
  • Return no-group ojbects
  • Post notices
  • Post polls
  • Access and use banlink
  • Use of land commands
    • Eject
    • Freeze
    • Parcel Ban
  • Invite to LH group
  • Assign and remove abilities to Land Officers, and Helpers

Scope of authority

  • Help newcomers
    • Answer questions
    • Teach skills
  • Discretion to use land tools to keep peace
  • May direct or command Land Officers and helpers
  • Is directly answerable and take commands from the board of directors

Current Holders

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