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NCI Security Coordinator

The NCI Security Coordinator formulates overall NCI Security policy in coordination with the Senior Land Officers (SLOs), and communicates policy as needed to NCI stakeholders and elsewhere.

The Coordinator determines requirements for the technical systems that help NCI staff manage and maintain the peace on NCI lands. These systems include but are not limited to systems such as the Land Officer and Teacher's ban and eject systems.

The Coordinator is the primary point of communication with implementors of NCI Security systems. Generally speaking, implementors are neither required nor encouraged to deal directly with requests from other stakeholders.

The Security Coordinator is a member of the SLOs (the Sites, Staff and Land group) and recommends and formulates security policy and guidelines in concert with that group.


Determines policy and requirements for:

  • Land Officer Ban System
  • Instructor Ban System
  • Other “proactive” or “defensive” systems to keep the peace.
  • Procedures for assessing security system quality.
  • Procedures for security system installation and assessment.
  • Security-related procedures such as issue escalation, banning and ejection guidelines.


  • Able to work well with all Sites, Staff, and Land members
  • Good communications and collaboration skills
  • Sufficient programming skills to guide development and assess results
  • Solid architectural and project guidance skills
  • Ability to determine what records need to be kept and ensure that they are kept.

Personal attributes

Security policy remains in the hands of the Senior Land Officers. The security system must not be capable of being used improperly. We need to avoid all favoritism or improper actions. For these reasons, and as one who both guides and communicates policy:

  • The Coordinator must have and display a high level of integrity.
  • The Coordinator must have and display a high degree of personal equanimity and fairness.

The ideal Security Coordinator is friendly, calm, articulate, and cooperative. The Coordinator should be recognized by all as competent and fair.


The Security Coordinator must have the ability to work in the often chaotic conditions of a complex, passionate volunteer organization.

The Coordinator requires sufficiently high programming skills to ensure that NCI's security work is done well and in a robust fashion.

The Coordinator requires sufficient communications skills to understand stakeholder needs, get SLO-level decisions where needed, and to keep all stakeholders informed of policy and progress as needed.

The Coordinator will be required to work as part of the SLO team and should be both comfortable doing so and capable of getting along well with other team members. In addition, the Coordinator needs to be able to guide developers, system reviewers, and administrative persons in doing their part for NCI Security.

Scope of authority

The Security Coordinator recommends security policy to the Senior Land officers, helps to shape policy decisions, and communicates policy decisions to residents, developers, and staff as needed.

The Coordinator brings together the concerns of all security stakeholders, ensures that the SLOs have ample opportunity to provide input, and determines changes to be made in software or policy.

The Coordinator may implement such procedures are are needed to ensure that NCI Security software is as secure as possible, contains no back doors, and is fit to purpose. This includes selecting development approaches, review processes, and installation and maintenance processes to ensure that NCI security is robust.

In particular, the Coordinator is the primary point of communication between NCI Staff and the NCI Security Systems Engineer regarding changes needed to the security systems and their general implementation.

The Coordinator controls access to the NCI Security Alt (q.v.). The Alt is to be the only authorized installer of NCI's major security systems. Subject to decisions of the SLOs, some security changes may be made directly by the SSE, and some may not. As time passes, the intention is to keep security closely held at the SLO level. Passwords to the Alt will be closely held, but will be distributed widely enough to ensure that they'll never be lost.

Current Holders

Janet Rossini

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