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NCI Helper - Land Officer

NCI Land Officers are helpers, first and foremost. They are responsible for greeting, welcoming, assisting newcomers, as well as collaborating with helpers and other staff in a positive manner. The Land Officer (LO) is a regular helper who has been entrusted with two additional abilities: The ability to return non-landholding groups prims and objects, and if necessary to maintain the peace, to eject or ban individuals who violate Second Life's TOS, CS and NCI's guidelines or regulation and do not respond in a meaningful way to requests to act in accordance with the formentioned standards.


  • Greets newcomers when they enter the land
  • Offers services and help
  • Answers questions both technical and cultural
  • Answers questions regarding services NCI offers
  • Instructs newcomers on the locations and usage of said services (such as the freebie vendor)
  • Acts as a “positive host” to help them integrate into NCI
  • May at their discretion offer impromptu tutorials on various SL subjects (example: basic skills, buiding, intenventory)
  • Promote a friendly atmosphere
  • Act as a role model for Visitors, Helpers, and Officers
  • Deal with any conflicts that may arise in a fair and impartial manner
  • Maintain the area to keep it neat and orderly
  • Any other duties as required
  • Identify and propose new helpers and officers to the Sr. Land Officer


  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Able to deal with folk impartially
  • Strong technical skills (using the client)
  • Good SL cultural knowledge
  • Good to excellent skills in one or more of the various SL domains (scripting, texturing, building, etc)

Personal attributes

  • Open, welcoming, cheerful disposition
  • Accepting of diversity of interests and tastes
  • Patience a must!
  • Ability to empathise (to see things from another's point of view without prejuidice)
  • Good concentration and attentiveness
  • Willingness to put NCI's mission above personal involvements


  • Invite to NCI general membership group
  • Return no-group objects
  • Post notices
  • Post polls
  • Access and use banlink
  • Use of land commands
    • Eject
    • Freeze
    • Parcel Ban

Scope of authority

  • Help newcomers
    • Answer questions
    • Teach skills
  • Discretion to use land tools to keep peace
  • Land Officer authority does not extend to directing or commanding helpers or newcomers.

Current Holders

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