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NCI Infonode Director

Manages the construction and running of NCI InfoNodes.
Board of Directors Position


  • Keep active list of NCI Infonodes
  • Manage trafic and usage statistics for Infonodes
  • Look out for new infonode oppertinities within land and rental Budgets
  • Adivse which infonodes to remove if budget needs it
  • Advise which infonodes are not being overtly useful or practical
  • Manage the NCI help notecards
  • Manage the NCi infonode team which includes people allocated for the above responsibilities
  • Design and place, or approve someone else for designing and placing, new NCI Infonode builds
  • Maintain the NCI Newstand indirectly by working through a NCI Newstand manager
  • Maintain a clear record on NCI Alchemi


  • Building, or ability to have someone build
  • Ability to organise individuals
  • Ability to properly allocate tasks
  • Ability to keep documents availiable for your successor

Personal attributes


Scope of authority

Current Holders

  • Garn Conover
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