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NCI Helper

NCI Helpers are responsible for greeting, welcoming, assisting newcomers, as well as collaborating with Land Officers and other NCI staff in a positive manner. They are “front-line” staff, and the most directly reflect the mission and spirit of NCI. The Helper's job is to enjoy themselves as they help make newcomers (newbies) feel welcome and help them integrate to Second Life though the teaching of the SL viewer(s), teaching and exemplifying SL culture, of teaching skills, ranging from simple SL survival skills to more advanced topics, if they are capable of doing so.


  • Greet newcomers when the enter NCI space
  • Offer services and help
  • Answer questions both technical and cultural
  • Answer questions regarding services NCI offers
  • Instructs newcomers on the locations and usage of said services (such as the freebie vendor)
  • Acts as a “positive host” to help them integrate into NCI and SL
  • May at their discretion offer impromptu tutorials on various SL subjects (example: basic skills, buiding, intenventory)


  • Excellent communications skills
  • Strong technical skills (using the client)
  • Good SL cultural knowledge
  • Good to excellent skills in one or more of the various SL domains (scripting, texturing, building, etc)

Personal attributes

  • Open, welcoming, cheerful disposition
  • Accepting of diversity of interests and tastes
  • Patience a must!
  • Ability to empathise (to see things from another's point of view without prejuidice)
  • Good concentration and attentiveness


  • Invite to NCI general membership group

Scope of authority

  • Help newcomers
    • Answer questions
    • Teach skills

Current Holders

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