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NCI Freebie Coordinator

One of the principal services of NCI is to maintain a quality set of freebie items. This serves to attract new players and to introduce them to our educational mission and to the NCI community. The Freebie vendors (aka walls or boards) are kept at a) main NCI locations, b)Infonodes and c) at Linden Help Islands.
Board of Directors position


Freebies Manager

The NCI Freebie Coordinator fulfills the role of Freebie Manager.
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • maintain the Freebie vendors at the various locations
  • ensure quality control of existing freebie offerings
  • be the contact person for sponsors and clients looking to advertise by providing freebies
  • evaluate and, if suitable, incorporate new freebie offerings into the growing freebie collection.
  • Resolve any problems with Freebie Vendors at all locations (including LL Help Islands). This may require liaising with Lindens and with the NCI IT team.
  • Resolve issues with web server for inworld Freebie Vendors
  • be online regularly and be willing to hunt out items that NCI can use and distribute via the system
  • be available in the event that problems arise with the freebie system (e.g. permission errors or freebie vendors not functioning)
  • perform quality control of both new items and existing stock to ensure that items adhere to a standard suitable for general use on the grid (must meet “G” standards and cannot be used as a griefing tool)
  • ensure all items are genuine freebies and can be distributed freely (e.g. with permission of the creator)
  • ensure that all items have the correct permissions (as specified by the creator
  • Create a texture in the event none are provided for an item


  • General building and an understanding of SL permissions
  • Graphics skills and access to a good graphics package (such as Photoshop) in order to change/generate textures (often at short notice)
  • Be organized
  • Excellent communication skills to deal with clients, sponsors and Lindens
  • Fair understanding of LSL scripting
  • Fair understanding of web-side database communication (PHP-MySQL and python/perl)

Personal attributes


Scope of authority

Current Holders

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