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Financial Director

This position is responsible for all in-world activities needed to monitor and control the flow of cash receipts and disbursements to meet the business and investment needs of NCI.


  • Maintain the financial books
  • Submit invoices to Sponsors, etc. Ensure that invoices are paid.
  • Ensure all bills, tier, etc are paid in good time
  • Disburse funds to the Events Director and Education Director in response to their invoices
  • Prepare budgets in conjunction with the relevant Directors
  • Ensure the BoD are kept up to date with NCIs financial position
  • Plan and identify financial trends, recommending any actions that may be required.
  • Monitor status of Tier donors to LH group
  • Monitor needs for Tier donations to Hughes land Group and Mall Group
  • Seek out additional Tier Donors as needed


  • Good time management
  • Planning skills
  • Good Accounting/Bookkeeping skills including use of spreadsheets
  • detailed record keeping
  • excellent communications skills
  • ability to negotiate with various diverse personalities when/if needed
  • familiarity with use of scripts / ability to write own a plus

Personal attributes


Scope of authority

Current Holders

  • See link to: NCI Personnel - Position name
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