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NCI Education Coordinator

The NCI Education Director's position is responsible for all inworld activities needed to manage a large number of educational classes and other learning opportunities for NCI and for sponsors.


  • Prepare each weeks schedule
  • Post the classes to SL Events
  • Maintain the in-world and web schedule displays
  • Collate the Instructor reports
  • Submit invoice for Instructor payment
  • Disburse payments to the Instructors
  • Review classes for improvement
  • Hire and fire Instructors when required
  • Develop new classes in line with NCIs goals
  • Maintain close communication with the Events Director to ensure no conflicts
  • Act as primary contact for all class related queries
  • Develop and publish the Instructor handbook to all Instructors
  • Train and help Instructors
  • Any other activities as may be needed or assigned by Sr management
  • Keep documents up-to-date on Gdocs
  • Keep class materials up-to-date on wiki


  • Familiar with or knowedgable of all SL skills
  • Good Time management
  • Detailed Record keeping
  • Planning skills
  • Excellent Communications skills
  • familiarity with use of scripts / ability to write own a plus

Personal attributes


Scope of authority

  • Answers to NCI Executive Director/Board of Directors
  • Has fiduciary responsiblities in regards to monies and materials
  • May direct teachers and assistants in their capacities as such

Current Holders

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