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NCI AdNode Helper

Assists in keeping the AdNodes system running smoothly.


  • Watch Ad Boards for non G rated ads
  • Answer questions/explain things ( costs, how AdNode basically works etc.) to new clients
  • Sell boards to new sponsors
  • Contact and inform interested residents if there are slots available
  • Guide advertisers to ad image making volunteers.
  • Check mails at least once a day if you're not in SL and see if you got an AdNode related IM
  • Contact the Coordinator when necessary
  • Handle reported ads


  • To be and stay friendly ( even if you have to deal with an upset person )
  • Be open and friendly to unknown people
  • Some skills to have and lead a sales conversation
  • Patience ( you may have to explain things all over again, people sometimes do not read the notecards and ask for “Live help”,
  • Have some time, AdNode sometimes needs attention
  • Basic building skills
  • Social (communication) skills
  • Organization talent ( to time and work off tasks in line without a break )
  • Basic math skills ( calculate costs, apply discounts etc. )
  • Honesty and loyalty
  • Straight Reasoning
  • Some primitive scripting skills may help in some situations

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