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Held every Saturday 7:15pm to 8:30pm, with various hosts

You like to build–or you've just dabbled in building a bit?

Come on over to NCI Beach for some fun and inspiration! We promise you'll leave here ready to create something different and unusual! Come on over for some great building fun! We tell you what to build, you get 40 minutes to do so, everyone votes, and the best builds win prizes!

Not a builder? That's okay, come watch, learn, and help us vote for the best build! Everyone is welcome; but you must be 91 days or older to enter.

1. All work by contestants must be done during the alloted time period. If sim crashes or other delays occur, it will be the sole discretion of the Event Host as to how time is alloted.
2. You have 40 minutes and 40 prims to build to the announced theme. Builds may not go over that limit even with temporary prims. Builds are counted by prim limit and not Land Impact. Workarounds involving linking, phantom, or other methods making a build appear to be under the limit when actually over is -NOT- allowed.
3. Late arriving entries -NOT- be allowed more than 10 minutes past official starting time.
4. Building is -NOT- to start until I say 'Start Building'.
5.When I say 'Stop Building' builders -MUST- comply
6. Only textures and scripts in your Inventory Library, the Torley Desats, and ones created or uploaded by the contestant may be used. Be prepared to show yourself as the creator or uploader of these.
7. -NO- Mesh, sculpted prims, or their maps are allowed, including Library items or the default apple prim. Items such as prim ovens, puppeteer, and other building tools may -NOT- be used.
8. -ALL- your PRIM work -MUST- be your own and built here. This means you may -NOT- use any premade objects. This includes freebies or objects from your inventory Library.
9. Extra objects in the build menu on alternate viewers and -NOT- on main viewer may -NOT- be used.
10. Your build must be under 10 meters high and -NOT- beyond the boundary of your square. Do -NOT- block the time clock or voting board with your build.
11. Builders are -NOT- to use themselves or other avatars as additions to their builds.
12. If you 'drop out' of the contest or leave your building square area at any point, you may -NOT- re-enter. Contestants who crash mid build can come back, but lost time is their issue.

Voting Rules:
1. I will open voting, ask if everyone has voted, then close voting.
2. Voting will remain open for approximately 3 minutes.
3. Voting will only be reopened for technical problems, if you are away. vote incorrectly, or for some other reason miss the voting, it will not be opened again.
4. You may -NOT- vote for yourself.

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