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NCI Web and IT Coordinator

The Web Services director manages all current group IT systems, and manages the creation of new systems for the NCI group. This position also manages NCI servers and online communities.


  • Serve as primary contact for all information technology for the group
  • Analyze group needs & recommend additional systems or changes to existing systems
  • Manage the development of new systems and tools for NCI
  • Provide assistance and support for the NCI Board of Directors
  • Coordinate website and blog team activities
  • Monitor server performance and recommend changes or improvements as needed
  • Any other activities as may be needed


  • Familiar with or knowledgeable of all SL skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Good time management
  • Detailed record keeping
  • Planning skills
  • Excellent Communications skills
  • Experience managing a Linux server
  • Ability to write scripts using LSL
  • Knowledge of PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other web technologies

Current Holder

  • Andre Kestrel
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