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InfoNode Helper Team Manager (draft)

NCI operates a growing number of small parcels of land located close to Linden infohubs and a few other areas where new residents are likely to visit. The Infonodes provide key information for newbies and each one is generally equipped with an SLinfo board, a Freebies board, an NCI landmark giver, a schedule board and other information depending on the space and prims available. As well as providing help that isn't always offered at the infohubs themselves they act as a portal to NCI and encourage people to visit one of the main campuses.

Some of these are owned by NCI Land Holdings, some are rented and some are provided free by the land owners.

Historically the infonodes have been left to function unmanned. Recent experience at the Docklands infonode has shown that having a helper present at the busier infonodes can greatly enhance their effectiveness. We are therefore seeking an individual who is willing to spend time at infonodes helping new residents and also encouraging other helpers and officers to cover other busy infonodes as needed.


  • Encourage helpers/officers to spend time at busy infonodes and the Mahulu infohub to help the newbies there while also encouraging them to visit the main NCI areas
  • Monitor the infonodes to see which are busiest and coordinate available helpers/officers as needed.
  • Provide guidance to helpers and help to develop a helpers pack with useful information, landmarks etc.
  • Report to the Infonode Director on any issues they should be aware of and make suggestions on any improvements to the infonodes.


  • Excellent communications skills
  • Very friendly and outgoing personality. Stable, reliable
  • A proven record of dedication and enthusiasm for helping new residents

Personal attributes


Scope of authority

Current Holders

  • See link to: NCI Personnel - Position name
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