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NCI Freebie Scout

The NCI Freebie Scout is a helper and operates as part of the Freebie team. Their mission is to seek out individuals and vendors who may be willing to provide freebies to newcomers, to educate and inform them as to NCI's role and mission is in Second life, and to solicit the donation of high quality “G” rated freebies.


Scouts solicit new items for distribution as NCI Freebies. Freebies can be solicited from NCI members and from non-NCI individuals and commercial vendors. Scouts ensure that any freebies donated to NCI conform to strict criteria that define it as a true freebie.

What are the criteria that define an item as a freebie?

Scouts will not directly accept freebies from others. The NCI Scout will make it clear that all freebie donations will be made to the NCI Freebie Coordinator or to the Freebie Alt, NCI Alter.


  • good time management
  • planning skills
  • detailed record keeping
  • excellent communications skills
  • ability to negotiate with various diverse personalities when/if needed
  • familiarity with use of scripts / ability to write own a plus
  • knowledge of SL marketing practices

Personal attributes

Scouts will have high integrity to ensure that the trust placed by vendors in NCI is upheld.


Scope of authority

Current Holders

  • Fenchurch Oh
  • Krystal Devonshire
  • Pajobra Zessinthal
  • Precious Mirror
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