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NCI Events Coordinator

This position is responsible for all in world activities needed to design, build, and produce NCI sponsored Events both for NCI and for sponsors.
Board of Directors position


  • schedule weekly events.
  • do SL Search postings or delegate to others
  • plan and prepare for special events
  • serve as primary contact for all events related issues
  • prepare and submit weekly invoices for events
  • confirm that events are held , pay events host weekly
  • track event attendance numbers
  • recruit hosts as needed
  • train and counsel hosts as needed
  • attend as many events as time permits to assist in whatever is needed
  • serve as sub host for events or find a suitable replacement for them as needed
  • maintain close communication with Education Coordinator to ensure no conflicts with scheduling
  • maintain supplies needed for various activities
  • research and develop new Events
  • serve as primary contact for other possible clients seeking to sponsor events
  • search out additional opportunities for Events sponsors
  • other activities as may be needed
  • Resolve interdepartmental conflicts as needed


  • general building skills
  • excellent design/project management skills
  • good time management
  • Planning skills
  • detailed record keeping
  • excellent communications skills
  • ability to negotiate with various diverse personalities when/if needed
  • familiarity with use of scripts / ability to write own a plus
  • knowledge of SL marketing practices

Personal attributes


Scope of authority

Current Holders

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