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NCI Documentation Coordinator

The NCI Documentation Coordinator accepts responsibility for writing one or more notecards that are distributed to residents via NCI's notecard distributors. Each notecard will be assigned to one individual who is in charge of researching facts and information on a given topic, to organize the information, so that it can be easily understood, to include relevant images, landmarks, additional information as is needed. It is important that each notecard be maintained on a regular basis and updated when circumstances change to reflect the change.


  • Paying attention to updates and changes on their given topic(s) and updating notecards to reflect changes
  • Researching new topics for signs and objects
  • Editing notecards to be legible and easy to read by all residents
  • Coordinating images for specific topics and directions
  • Testing notecard giving objects for usability


  • Detailed record keeping
  • Strong technical skills
  • Knowledge of SL culture
  • Good time management
  • Strong writing skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Planning skills
  • Researching skills
  • Good command of the English language
  • Ability to create textures
  • Good to excellent skills in one or more of the various SL domains (scripting, texturing, building, etc)

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