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Procedure for Board of Directors Voting

Voting on a proposal for the board of directors shall be done in one of two ways

  • In person. In the “physical” presence of each other an an assembly or meeting
  • via the NCI forums (currently) using the poll mechanism.

Vote in presence

Vote by forum

  1. Log in to the Board of Directors subforum at
  2. Create a new post
  3. Subject line: VOTE PROPOSAL: short description of the proposal
  4. Body: Your proposal, discussion, make your points
  5. Create a poll whose question is your proposal in short form
  6. Create Vote Yes, Vote No (allow people to change).
  7. End date: The expiry date for the votes to be tallied. A 7 day period should be acceptable.
  8. 3, 2 and 1 days previous to the vote expiry date, proposee send an in-world notice to vote, indicating the subject, URL and expiry date of the proposal
  9. On the closure date by 12:00pm SLT, the votes are tabulated, and the majority carries the vote, and the decision becomes implemented.
  10. FAILURE TO VOTE BY THE APPOINTED TIME RESULTS IN LOSS OF VOTE on that matter. 7 days is a good long time to consider and to vote.
  11. Creator of the thread changes the topic to [Vote: pass/fail).
  12. Create of the thread permanently locked.
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