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Procedures for Newstand Manager

Managing Newstands

To do on a weekly basis:

  1. Go to each main location, infonode and newstand location
  2. Ensure that all newstands and posters are recorded on our documentation system with the following details (note: must have perms and be logged in)
  • Product: The object name of the stand/poster
  • Type: Dispenses what? LM/URL/Notecard, etc…?
  • Status: working or not? Leading to good website or not?
  • Display style: stand/poster
  • Last verified: Date inspection was performed
  • Added: Date that stand was added
  • Removed: If necessary, when it was removed
  • Current owner: who is currently using managing this (note: should be given to NCI string)
  • Creator: who is the actual “owner” of this object. Who wanted hit here.
  • Prim count: How many prims does it use
  • URL: If it's a web redirector, where does it go to?

Managing Landmark dispensers

  1. Find all LM dispensers
  2. Record location
  3. Record details (including costs if applicable)
  4. Ensure that up-to-date LMs, notecards and massages are dispensed.
  5. Record results in documents system.
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