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    * [[jobs:​documentation_coordinator|Documentation Coordinator:​]] Precious Mirror    * [[jobs:​documentation_coordinator|Documentation Coordinator:​]] Precious Mirror
   * [[jobs:​education_coordinator|Education Coordinator:​]] Varian Altney   * [[jobs:​education_coordinator|Education Coordinator:​]] Varian Altney
-  * [[jobs:​events_coordinator|Events Coordinator:​]] ​Mouseplay Resident¬†+  * [[jobs:​events_coordinator|Events Coordinator:​]] ​Ginger Lorakeet
-  * [[jobs:​events_host|Event Host:]] Saz Ninetails+
   * [[jobs:​financial_coordinator|Financial Coordinator:​]] Wellington Beam   * [[jobs:​financial_coordinator|Financial Coordinator:​]] Wellington Beam
   * [[jobs:​freebie_coordinator|Freebie Coordinator:​]] Rowan Carrol   * [[jobs:​freebie_coordinator|Freebie Coordinator:​]] Rowan Carrol
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