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NCI Security System Engineer

The NCI Security Systems Engineer (SSE) designs, plans, build and implements technical systems to help NCI staff manage and maintain the peace on NCI lands. These systems include but are not limited to systems such as the Land Officer and Teacher's ban and eject systems.

The SSE is under the direction of the Sites, Staff, and Land committee (the Senior Land Officers), who determine NCI Security policy and the NCI Guidelines.


Constructs, operates, and maintains

  • Land Officer Ban System
  • Instructor Ban System
  • Other “proactive” or “defensive” systems to keep the peace.
  • Produces reports or reporting features as may be required from time to time by the SLOs, as requested by Security Coordinator or other designated staff.


  • Able to work well with all Sites, Staff, and Land members
  • Good communications and collaboration skills
  • Good programming skills
  • LSL
  • PHP
  • Functional knowledge of FTP
  • Functional knowledge of email
  • Good time management
  • Planning skills
  • Detailed record keeping

Personal attributes

Security policy remains in the hands of the Senior Land Officers. The security system must not be capable of being used improperly. We need to avoid all favoritism or improper actions. For these reasons:

  • SSE must have and display a high level of integrity.
  • SSE must have and display a high degree of personal equanimity and fairness.

The ideal Security Systems Engineer is friendly, calm, and cooperative. SSE should be recognized by all as competent and fair.


The Security Systems Engineer must have the ability to work in the often chaotic conditions of a complex, passionate volunteer organization.

As the primary implementor of NCI Security Policy, the SSE requires high programming skills.

The SSE may be required to work as part of a team and should be both comfortable doing so and capable of getting along well with other team members.

Scope of authority

The SSE implements NCI policy. He or she may contribute to the formulation of policy, as may any NCI member, but SSE does not define or set policy.

Current Holders

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